Moominvalley Kids’ Dinner Set


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There is always something going on in Moominvalley. The Moominhouse is surrounded with valleys and mountains, and it is the best place to spend time and enjoy life together with friends and family. Now the Moomin family has gone out for a walk. Moominmamma leads the group, while Moominpappa, Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden eagerly follow her. Fillyjonk and her children are looking at some deliciously big berries, while Mymble is happily reading a book and Snufkin plays the accordion outside his tent. The sun is shining: it is a beautiful day to spend outside!

The melamine children’s tableware set is beautifully white, and it fits in well with the rest of the table setting. The set consists of four pieces: a deep plate, mug and spoon, all made of melamine, and a silicone sippy lid, which can easily turn the mug into a sippy mug. The plate measures 17 cm across and has a high edge that makes it easier for the toddler to eat and to keep the food on the plate. A silicone ring underneath keeps the plate from easily sliding on the tabletop . The melamine mug holds up to 0,2 litres of the toddler’s favourite beverage. The gorgeous and detailed illustrations are guaranteed to keep the little one entertained throughout dining.

Melamine is widely used for dinnerware, among other areas, as the material repeats illustrations better, and is more durable than plastic but more lightweight than porcelain – a great feature for kids' dinnerware. Melamine is a tough material but delicate melamine objects crack if they are dropped on the floor at an unfortunate angle. Melamine cannot be put into the microwave or the oven as high temperatures severely damage melamine surfaces. Melamine cups and plates are dishwasher-safe as long as the wash cycle temperature does not exceed the max temperature allowed for the product, 60 °C. However, as the dishwasher might fade the colors of the melamine object, handwash is recommended. Used properly, melamine products are safe and durable. Lightweight, affordable and practical both at home and during trips.