Moomin Travel Mug – Snorkmaiden (O)


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Take away your morning coffees or teas, or hot chocolate to take along to a trip. A lovely Moomin travel mug carries practically both hot and cold drinks. The mug is made of melamine that is a very light material, so carrying the mug won't be troublesome.

The mug has a handy and tight silicone lid that prevents the drink from spilling. The mug has a detachable ring made of silicone circling the mug and making carrying the mug easier when holding a hot drink. And all this is crowned by the astonishing Tove Jansson's "Lighthouse" illustration with all of its bright colours!

Don't put this product into a microwave.

  • Measurements: volume 500ml, height approx. 17cm
  • Material: melamine