Moominvalley is an idyllic and peaceful place where the Moomins live in harmony with nature. The largest building in the valley is the Moominhouse, and its occupants welcome all visitors from the valley and further afield.

A river runs through this beautiful valley, which lies between the sea and the mountains, including a range called the Lonely Mountains. When spring arrives, the valley bursts into bloom, as does Moominmamma’s treasured garden. The Moomins spend their summers meeting people and having all kinds of fun.

A path leads from the Moominhouse to the seashore, where the Moomins have built a small bathhouse. The Moomins love the sea and enjoy hanging out at the beach. Sometimes, they set out on journeys of exploration that take them far from Moominvalley, but they know they always have a safe home to return to.

As autumn approaches, the Moomins prepare to hibernate. By the time Moominvalley is carpeted in snow, the Moomins are already in a deep sleep. You can study Moominvalley throughout the seasons using the maps you’ll find in the books Finn Family Moomintroll, Moominland Midwinter and Moominvalley in November.